Wordless Wednesday's Nibs & Nails with Monteverde Regatta and BB Couture Pale Poppy

So what is Wordless Wednesday's Nails & Nibs? 
My wife and I both have blogs, so we decided to join forces and be a part of Wordless Wednesday where we'll show off some of my wife's fancy nails and one of our pens. We will try to make sure they sort of go together. This time it's the first polish that she ever posted on her blog and her favorite pen, a Monteverde Regatta. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Neat! I actually really love nail polish and fountain pens, too! :) (Tell your wife today's nails are Orly Galaxy Girl.)

Michael Matteson said...

Thanks, Unknown! Head on over to her blog (www.rightonthenail.com) and leave her a comment. We all love comments.

Phazer said...

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