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Raleigh Pen Show, Day 1

Audrey and I were at the pen show for about 5 hours today, and a good time was had by all. We got to spend a fair amount of time talking to the notorious Pendleton Brown, Scott and Jim from Franklin-Christoph, the good folks of Van Horne Pens, and (of course) the Andersons.

We were so wrapped up talking to these folks that we completely forgot to break out the camera. I'll be going back to the show tomorrow, and I'll be taking pictures. I held off on getting much of anything for myself today, but Audrey came away with some treasures. She's not going back with me tomorrow, so it was her day to shop.

Audrey found a few pens that she really liked at the Anderson Pens table. She got a Monteverde Impressa and a Monteverde Jewelria Mini. She also couldn't leave without a Pilot Metro in White Tiger with a fine nib. I inked all of these up for her tonight, and all of them write very well. That Pilot is a very fine nib. 

We also got three of these excellent notebooks from Franklin-Christoph's table. They're factory seconds, but they're all in very good condition. They're a leather-ish vinyl with a nice bookmarking ribbon and 90gsm paper made from sugarcane. Niiiice.

The following are some pictures of the spoils.

Lisa Anderson also insisted that we take a couple of their Proper Pads with us, and I really liked the little graphic on this one.

And here's Audrey with her Mini Jewelria. It's a tiny little pen that'll fit nicely in her purse or pocket.
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Unknown said...

Lot's of pictures please. Enjoyed your report. Thanks brthr, Shirl