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Anderson Pens' Robin's Egg Blue


This one is the Anderson's favorite ink (or it was when I asked). It's a nice color, I think. Robin's Egg is a sort of a dark turquoise that tends to shade a little bit. The swatch above was taken while the ink was still wet, and it was pooled a bit at the ends. Nice. 

Performance-wise, Robin's Egg was not my favorite. It's a little temperamental about the pen that it's in. I started it out in my Franklin-Christoph's broad cursive italic nib, and it was good once it got going. It did give me hard-starts, though, and it tends to dry out in the nib. I knew that the Andersons liked it, though, so I decided to try it out in a wetter nib. The medium nib on my Delta Unica is on the wet side, and it didn't have any problems with this ink. No hard starts or dry nibs on that one. 

The tip I can give you is to put this ink in a big wet nib. Looking at Brian Anderson's list of pens that he had it in, they were big broad nibs with a wet flow. That means it's not going to be an ink for every pen, but most everyone has a pen that runs wet. This ink is for that pen. 



Not a wild range of colors in this ink, but that's okay. It also didn't seem to move up the paper very much. Usually, that suggests that there's some degree of water-fastness. To see if that holds true, check out the video below.

Copy Paper Test

I just thought the picture below was neat. It's showing off a sheen that I didn't really see while writing with the ink. You'd (maybe) see it with a very wet nib.

Memnosyne swatch!

Compare the inks!

Water Drop Test and Review Video

If you've a wet nib that needs a really cool blue, then check it out at Anderson Pens. Bottles are $12.50 for 60ml (2oz), and 3ml samples for $1.25.

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Thanks very much to Brian and Lisa for sending this ink out for me to try!

**While this ink was a press sample, the review is all mine.**
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