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Sheaffer Turquoise


I mentioned that I'd been using a bunch of turquoise inks. Well, here's another one. I think the color is just a little bit off, but not a whole lot. It's a little more green in real life, but it's still slightly on the blue side of turquoise.

I've used this ink in a couple of different pens, now, and I really don't regret getting it. I probably wouldn't have, but the Sheaffer converters are pretty expensive (for converters) and these cartridges are really good for refilling. They don't have a neck that can split (like most of the standard international carts), so you can use them indefinitely. That's a good feature.

This ink is a very smooth one, and it runs a bit wet. There aren't any hard starts from this ink. Excellent stuff. My hand writing is way worse with this nib, but that's only because I didn't have any idea how to use it when I wrote the review. Architect grinds are a little tricky.

Close ups!

 There's some shading on this paper, but you don't really see that on regular papers.

Ink Comparisons

 These are the closest to the right color, I think. They're still a smidge too blue, but very close. You'll like the color.
Here it is next to some other Turquoise inks. It's very close to the Caran d'Ache. 

Copy Paper Test


Review Video and Water Drop Test

If you're into this blue ink, and there's no real reason you shouldn't be, then check it out at  Anderson Pens. Get a sample or some cartridges or a bottle and test it out for yourself.

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MPB said...

This is one of my favorite inks for writing letters - especially when I found out that MY grandmother used it back in the '50s.....