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Kaweco Royal Blue


Jet Pens is back on the blog! I've missed them as they worked through a reorganization, but they were kind enough to send this little bottle of Kaweco ink a couple of weeks ago, and it's a good one.

Kaweco doesn't put the name of their ink on the bottles, so when I wrote the review I just called it blue. A little research tells me that it's called "Royal Blue", but it doesn't really seem like a royal blue to me. It's closer to a periwinkle. The color has a pronounced purple tinge to it. It also shades pretty well, and there's not all that much bleed/feather/spread on copy paper. There is some, though, as this is a pretty thin ink. It runs wet, and this nib is a little wet, so it wasn't a great combo. It would probably be great in a drier nib. I like this bright ink, even though it's purple-ish.

Close ups!

I don't usually photograph the back of the review sheet because most inks don't come through the back of Rhodia's paper. This #14 pad is kinda weak, though. I don't know why, but ink and the water from the water tests seem to come through this paper more than it should. Anyone heard of Rhodia changing their papers, or did I just get a weird one?


This chromatography shows some potential for water-resistance, but lots of the blue and purple tones fled to the right-hand side of the strip.

Copy Paper Test


Here are some other blues to compare it to. The Fox River Blues an Blue Bonnet are both darker blues, but this comparison really brings out the purple in the Kaweco ink. 

The Bottle!

I don't usually get bottles of ink, but this one was a Jet Pens gift, They're nice little bottles, but they are little. The short, wide form factor is going to require you to fill with a syringe pretty soon. It'll fit your big nibs better than a J. Herbin bottle (it's got a bigger opening), but it's not very deep. It's a fun bottle, though, and the styling is cool. I do wish the ink's name were on the bottle, though.

Video Review and Water Drop Test

If you're into this purple-y blue ink, then check it out at Jet Pens. Bottles are $17.50 for 30ml, but you can get 6 cartridges for $2.30. I would go for a pack of cartridges or a sample of this ink if you're not sure about the color or the performance.

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Thanks very much to Jet Pens for sending this ink out for me to try!
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