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Anderson Pens' Badger Black


Badger Black is the last of the Anderson Pens' inks, and it's a perfectly competent black ink. It was formerly known as Scribal Workshops Kraken, and I think I liked it okay under that name. I don't appear to have blogged about it, but it was in one of the Ink Drops back in the day. Certainly, as Badger Black, it is a good ink.

I'm not the biggest fan of black inks, but everyone needs to have a couple of them. You can't write in green or brown every day, unfortunately. This black is perfectly fine. It doesn't surprise me, but it's solid. It's not the darkest black, but it is saturated enough that it doesn't shade, and it's not a grey. Definitely black.

 Close ups!

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures on this one. It's a good black.

Ink Comparisons!


The inks in this set are pretty monochromatic. This one has a lot of black in there, but there's just a tinge of blue around the edges, and maybe a little...mauve at the base?

Copy Paper Test!

This is really well-behaved. No bleeding, feathering, or spread on this copy paper. That's a good thing for anyone who works in an office.

Water Drop Test and Review Video

The Final Words:

That's it, folks. There aren't any more Anderson Pens inks to talk about. This black is good. It's not all that water-resistant, but it performs well otherwise.

Check it out at Anderson Pens. Bottles are $12.50 for 60ml (2oz), and 3ml samples for $1.25.

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Thanks very much to Brian and Lisa for sending this ink out for me to try!

**While this ink was a press sample, the review is all mine.**
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