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Anderson Pens' Oskosh Denim


Oskosh Denim is a dark blue that shades into a good simulacrum of denim. The darkest notes are almost black, while the lightest ones are pretty light blue. It's a nice color. It also doesn't seem to bleed, feather, or spread on copy paper. Those are all good things. 

I say in the review below that it's my least favorite, and that's because the ink just doesn't want to flow very well. It didn't want to work in my Wahl-Eversharp Skyliner, but that nib is a bit finicky. Once you got it going, it was okay, but "getting it going" required priming it with the converter's piston. It wouldn't start on its own. 

Some of these inks are a little on the dry side, so they want a wetter nib. I tried this ink out in my Custom 74, one of the wettest nibs I have, and it was okay. It wasn't great, but it was okay. I think this ink needs something even wetter to get going freely, but I don't have the pen for it. Maybe a dip pen would be the ticket?  


Mnemosyne Cards!

 I really like the way that these cards show ink. They're not quite white, but that's okay with me. All of the high-lights show up really well on this paper.


Copy Paper

 A little bit shows through, but that's only because the ink is a bit dark.

Ink Comparisons!

 You can see it's a bit different from anything I have inked up. 

Video Review and Water Drop Test

The Final Words:

If you've a wet nib that needs taming, and you want an ink that looks like dark bluejeans, then check it out at Anderson Pens. Bottles are $12.50 for 60ml (2oz), and 3ml samples for $1.25. They appear to be out of the bottles at press time, so grab a sample for yourself.

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Thanks very much to Brian and Lisa for sending this ink out for me to try!

**While this ink was a press sample, the review is all mine.**
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