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Waterman Serenity Blue


A big thanks to my friends at for sending me this bottle of ink to try out. I do really love getting those little boxes in the mail.

Serenity Blue is a medium blue, but it does take on a mildly purple cast as it dries. Both of the pens that I tried this ink in are on the wet-ish side, but there was never any hesitation from the ink. It was actually a little bit wet, so I'd keep it out of your wet-noodle pens. It was fine in these, but I wouldn't really want to go any wetter with it.

There's some shading apparent on my copy paper test, though there wasn't a whole lot of it. Let's get a closer look at the review.


Yep, there's a little bit of that, but not much. You'd really have to get a lot of it on the paper to see it.

Ink Comparisons


 Blue. Just blue in there. 

Copy Paper Test!

 There are a couple of little dots, but no big deal. 

The Bottle!

Water Drop Test and Review Video

The Final Words

If you're into this purple-y blue ink, then check it out at Jet Pens. At $8.64 for a 50ml bottle, this ink is a great value. It's also a very good blue. It trends towards purple, but it's still a great ink.

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Thanks very much to Jet Pens for sending this ink out for me to try!
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