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Toucan Magenta


Well, I'm back! Sort of. I've still got grading to do, but at least I've finished a class or two worth of grades, and it's time to take a little break to do some blogging. We're coming to the end of the Toucan collection. There are two (or maybe three) of them left, and then it's on to other things. Things will pick up around here once the semester winds up.

This ink is Toucan's Magenta. I usually think of magenta as being a darker shade, but this is definitely in the right area.  Unfortunately, this ink is a little too light for my regular use. It's just not standing out enough from the page for me. I think the best uses for this ink will be in drawing or ink mixing. It's a nice enough color, but it's not going to be a daily driver.

Written Review

Close Ups!

 Ink Comparisons

I didn't have any other pale pink inks to compare it to, but here are some things that were sitting on my desk. Aside from Bright Blue, all of these inks are coming up on the blog in the next little while. 

Copy Paper Test


Video Review and Water Drop Test

This is a particularly ramble-y review. My brain is a little fried from all of the grading I've been doing, and that's my excuse. Some folks might be into that. I hope you're one of them.

If you're a fan of this ink, let me know what you would use it for in a comment. I don't get enough comments.

You can (only) find bags and samples over at Anderson Pens. A 60ml bag goes for $10. This is one that I would advise a sample of, to start.

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The ink for this review was provided free of charge by Anderson Pens. The review was all mine, however.

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