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Lamy Copper Orange


This is the first of a few reviews that were made possible by Appelboom Pens. They're located in the Netherlands, so if you're near Laren you should definitely check them out. They seem to have a great selection of pens, inks, and other such things.

Lamy's Copper Orange is an ink that has me on the fence. I love the color. It's a bright copper, and not a darkened copper like Ancient Copper is. It's like fresh copper, and that's a pretty rad color.

It also flows really well in this Lamy 1.1 stub that I was using it in. That stub tends to be a little on the dry side, but it worked really well with this ink. It felt smooth and consistent.

The issue that this ink has is that it does bleed and feather on copy paper. It's not the worst bleeding that I've seen, but it is present. The other side of this coin is that this probably won't be a problem for most of the people who would use this ink. It's a colorful ink, so it's more likely to be used for cards, notes, and journaling than it is for office work, and so we can use it on better papers. So, keep it on the good paper where it will play nice and look rad.

Written Review



That's an interesting blend of colors, isn't it? 

Copy Paper Test

 As I said above, this ink isn't awesome on copy paper. Keep it on the good stuff.

Ink Comparisons

I love ornange inks, but I didn't have any loaded up at the moment, so this motley crew of  hues will have to do. I hope you can glean the feel of this color from the comparisons here.

Review Video and Water Drop Test

The ink for this review as provided, free of charge, by Appelboom Pens. The review is 100% mine. No money has changed hands, and no guarantees were given. 
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Jonathan said...

I bought this ink in cartridge form in July, 2016, while on a European trip. I can't remember exactly where I bought it, but I think it was in Germany. I'm using it in a new LAMY nexx fountain pen that I bought at the same time.

In any event, I find that it bleeds and feathers in my Paperblanks journals (the "slim" version) which is annoying and odd. Annoying, because I really like the color; odd, because Lamy green works just fine (in a LAMY AL-star), as does a Pelikan purple, in a Pelikan Twist.

Since I've been home, I've tested the orange ink in a couple of other Paperblanks journals and I still get feathering and bleeding. Same, same in a small Moelskin notebook. But in a Leuchtturm 1917 A6 notebook I have not had a problem.

I haven't had a chance to check other Lamy colors (besides green), but my guess is that there is something in the formulation of the orange ink that is causing it to bleed and feather. All the Paperblanks journals claim to have "acid free sustainable forest paper", so it's not a paper difference in the journals. Also, the Lamy green and Pelikan purple work well in the Moleskin and Leuchtturm books.

Just my thoughts....

Anonymous said...

Ink is not available in germany. We germans are making us laughable again!
"Made in Germany" but not for germans!
Ans it's such a great ink. Why not to order from the Lamy webshop? Nobody knows!