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Toucan Turquoise


The last Toucan ink!  This one is a pretty solid turquoise, and there's a lot to like here. It reminds me of lots of other turquoise inks, but that's not really a knock. Some of them are better than others. This one behaves pretty well on copy papers, but it does bleed through just a touch. It shades fairly well, but it's also a bit on the thin side.

Written Review


 Ink Comparisons

On a Maruman Word Card


Copy Paper Test

 There's just a little showing through on this paper. Only a couple of spots bleed through.

Water Drop Test and Video Review

I really like this hue. It's just right, in terms of color, but it could use some more saturation so perhaps put it in a wet nib and it would be better than it is in a fine nib.

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The ink for this review was provided free of charge by Anderson Pens. The review was all mine, though.

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