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Montblanc's Blue Hour Limited Edition


Another Montblanc Limited Edition? Yep! This one is a stand-out, too.  It's a blue that's supposed to remind us of twilight, and I suppose that it does. I do know that this is an excellent ink with a bit of shading and a bit of sheen (if you lay it down thickly enough).

One interesting thing about this ink is how different it can look from different nibs. All of these nibs were mediums, but they have different flows, and that's reflected in the hue of the ink.

Check it out below.

Written Review


 I couldn't resist putting up a couple more images of this one. It's too good.


A cool box that surrounds a pretty cool bottle. A bottle, I might add, that comes with a little, plastic hat. 

Copy Paper Test
 And it doesn't bleed on copy papers! Hooray! Even with the wet Ondoro nib, it stays on its side of the paper.


These are both the same ink. The top was laid down with the Ondoro, and the bottom with the Esterbrook. I was actually concerned that I'd used some other ink in the Ondoro, but I didn't. It's Blue Hour. It's just a lot more Blue Hour.


Since I had these cards handy, I decided to do some side-by-sides. First, the last two LE inks to come out. I like Blue Hour a lot more. JFK is a fine ink, but it doesn't have a lot of personality.

Next, a few inks that are in the same color range. I think Blue Hour is closer to Yama-Dori, but they're not exactly twins. 

Water Drop Test and Video Review

Whoops. I said that this ink is $18 per bottle, but it's actually $16. This ink is thoroughly good, and I recommend a bottle if you can find one. It's a new LE ink though, so it sells like hot cakes, and you shouldn't wait to get a bottle.

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