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The Uni-ball Air Rollerball


This is a pen that came out around the same time as the Signo 307 pens that I talked about here.  It's a rollerball, but it claims to have the same kind of "Super Ink" as the 207 and 307 pens. They only appear to come in three-packs, and they're a bit expensive (probably just because they're new), but I thought it was a good idea to try them out.

I think it's a nice looking pen. It's light and comfortable to hold. The pattern is an interesting geometric that isn't distracting or crazy-looking.  It won't be out of place in a serious setting.

I say that it only sorta writes at any angle because there's a noticeable drop-off in ink flow. That's kind of a good thing (see below), but it might be a problem if the ink supply gets low. I definitely haven't used this pen long enough to know what happens when the ink gets low. 

The tip of this pen is actually difficult to see. It's  black on black.

This bleeding is the only real problem. It comes through this Anderson Pens Proper Pad paper, and that's fairly heavy stuff. It's not bulletproof like the Rhodia paper I usually use, but it is closer to copy paper (which it bleeds through like a boss).

I'd say you should only really use these pens on things you'd want to write on one side of. 
Post-It notes are a prime example. Despite the bleed, there isn't really any feathering, so it looks sharp on the page even when it does bleed through. Checks, cards, stationary, envelopes. All sorts of things only get used on one side, so there are plenty of uses for the pens. The Super Ink makes this one suitable for those things.

I went ahead and made a video for this pen, and I test the water-proofness of the ink in there, so check it out. Also, my face is in this one.

You can find these at the sorts of places that you will find non-fountain pens. Not all of them, though. I've only really seen them in Target (maybe Wal-Mart?), and they were going for about $6. YMMV, though.

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