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Noodler's Air Corp Blue Black


This is an ink that I reviewed a long time ago. I think it was actually one of my first. I really don't want that to be the only time that I visit this ink, though, so I'm re-reviewing it now in my current style.

This one is called Blue Black, but it's really a green black to my eye. The shading is great, and it's got a little bit of an iridescence, but I wouldn't really call it a sheen. In a wet enough pen, this will look like a black that shades over to green in the thin spots.

The interesting color, smooth flow, and excellent behavior on copy paper make it one of my go-to inks over the last few years. Definitely check this one out.

Written Review

Apparently I forgot to fill in a couple of my blanks before I took these pictures. I didn't notice that until I took the video, so I filled them in live on the air. Exciting, right? Anyway, it shades, it doesn't bleed/feather/spread (unless you're using a big nib, then there's a little bleed), and there's no real sheen to speak of.


Color Comparisons

Fortunately I'm addicted to blue, so I've got several to compare this one against. It's not quite like any of these.


Copy Paper Test

The Bottle

Water Test and Video Review

As I said, this is one of my go-to inks. I really like it. Check it out at Anderson Pens for $12.50 in a 3oz bottle (filled to the top, most likely) or in a sample.

No disclaimer on this one. I bought it ages ago, and I'll buy more when this one runs out.
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