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A new pen in the mail!

So, I've been talking to Ron at Pen Chalet, and he sent me a pen.

Cool, right? That's my first Sailor 1911 (and only my second Sailor). I'm pretty excited about that.

Here are a few gratuitous nib shots.

Inked up with some Franklin-Christoph Terra Firma.

I was a little disappointed with the way it wrote to begin with. It didn't want to write on the upswing or on the right-to-left motion. I find this really commonly in higher-end pens for some reason. In this case, one of the tines was out of whack. That's super easy to fix, so I'll take care of that after I wash the nib and feed a bit. You should always do that with a new pen, but I like to ink them up first to see how it goes. There can be manufacturing left-overs in there that might make the ink flow poorly.

 I hope a wash and a little bit of nib tuning will fix this up.

 The tines were a bit out of line, and the feed got washed, and now it seems to work just fine. I'll be back to this pen for a full on review in the next while, so I'll let you know how it goes.

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