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Franklin-Christoph's Terra Firma vs. Montblanc's Leonardo Red Chalk

I reviewed Franklin-Christoph's Terra Firma last week, and a reader (Hi Mark!) asked me how close it was to Montblanc's Leonardo Red Chalk, which is a limited edition ink from a year ago.

My first reaction was "They're completely different. Not even close."

Then I got to thinking about it, and then I got to looking at pictures of that Montblanc ink, and then I said "You know, they're not that far off!"

Today I've inked up another pen with Leonardo to test them side-by-side, and they're really close. Terra Firma isn't a dupe of Leonardo, but it's just down the street from it.

Check it out:

These are the popular Mnemosyne Word Cards from Maruman. It's an interesting paper that seems to soak up ink while still showing the shading.

This last picture shows the two side-by-side on a Lamy tester pad that has some really smooth paper. It shows shading in a way that lots of papers miss. They're a bit further apart on this paper, but it's really just in the shading. Terra Firma is more brown, but it's really close.

So, if you missed Leonardo, or you just want a slightly more brown version of that ink with a lower price tag and a larger bottle, go to Franklin-Christoph's website and grab some Terra Firma. It's pretty rad. 

**I've just noticed that Anderson Pens has FC ink now. I don't know of any other vendor that does.**

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