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Franklin-Christoph Terra Firma


This is one of the four new inks that I got from Franklin-Christoph at the DC Pen Show (Thanks for the samples, y'all!). It's a great reddish brown. That's the third brown in ink this collection.  Franklin-Christoph knows what I like. Seriously. Audrey asked me what my favorite ink was, and I went "uhhh..." So she decided to narrow it down: "What's your favorite brown ink?"


There are so many good browns out there. Three of them are in this one set of inks. Bravo, FC.

Written Review

The hue of this ink really seems to change depending on the nib you use. The Franklin-Christoph 27's broad stub makes this ink appear to be a really beautiful red-brown, while the medium italic on the 03 makes it appear much darker.


 Full Sun Pics

It was a really beautiful day in NC, so I took some pictures in full sun to really show off this ink. There's no sheen or anything, but it still looks rad.

Copy Paper Test

There's more bleed with this ink than there was with the other two browns, but it's still not over-the-top. There was some with the broad stub nib, but it's a wet nib so I wasn't surprised.


Ink Comparisons

You can really tell the difference between this reddish brown (which reminds me of the clay in my back yard) and the Tsukushi below it. Tsukushi is a great brown too, but it's a really different flavor.

Video Review &Water Drop Test

You can (and should) get this ink from Franklin-Christoph's website where it goes for $12.50 in a 2oz bottle.

****It's also available from Anderson Pens, now.****

******Also check out this post to see how it compares to Montblanc's Red Chalk Limited Edition.*****

**This ink was given to me as a review sample. The review can only reflect my experience with the ink, and your mileage may vary.**
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