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Akkerman #7 Koninginne Nach-Blauw


 This is an ink that I've been using for a while. I was sort of holding off on writing the review for a bit because I wasn't really sure what I thought of it. As you'll see in the video (and the pictures below), I've used almost all of the 3ml sample that I got from Anderson Pens.

I was on the fence about this ink because its behavior varies so much depending on what you're using it in and on. As pen/ink nerds know, a writing experience is dependent upon three factors: paper, ink, & pen. In this case, you want a wet nib on Rhodia paper and a drier nib on more normal papers. You'll see more of this below.

So, what do I think of this ink? I kinda like it. I'm probably not going to go for a bottle, but if you really like the color, then there shouldn't be any reason not to go for it. 

Written Review

So, I decided to make the video for this review before I took the pictures. I dunno why. I think I just had to work off some nervous energy from buying some things that I'll show on the blog when they arrive. Anyway, I was doing the water test, and blasted water all up the center of the page. It's still legible, so that's good. Right? Science. 


The sample at the top is from the broad stub nib on my Panther 40, and it looks cool on the Rhodia. The one on the bottom is from the drier oblique medium nib of my Lamy Al-Star.  I don't think it looks nearly as nice. On the other hand, when you look at the copy paper test below, the Lamy sample look much better. So keep those things in mind when you're buying and using this ink. Nib/Paper choice is important.

Color Comparisons!
I didn't do a ton of comparisons today. Just the ones that were sitting on my desk. Okay. I have a lot of blue inks in pens. 


Copy Paper Test

Video Review and Water Test

This is a pretty solid ink, even if I'm not totally sold on it. It's an interesting darkish blue that's not quite a blue-black, and it has some (really mild) water resistance. It flows pretty well, though it's a little on the dry side. That just means that you should use it in your pens that tend to run wet. It'll tame them and make them more usable.

You can find it at Anderson Pens (and almost nowhere else in the US)  in a 60ml bottle or a 3ml sample. If you get some, tell them I said "Hi!"

***The ink for this review was provided for free, but all opinions expressed are mine alone. No money changes hands, no expectations are expressed, and I'm not an employee.***

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