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Rohrer & Klingner Salix

Man. This is a review that I've been meaning to post for a long time. I've been using this ink for years, and I've had this review sitting in my stack of reviews for a long time. I have no real idea how long. Anyway, thanks to the YouTube viewer who suggested that I compare this ink to Akkerman #7. They look similar on the page, but that's where the similarity ends. You'll see the comparison at the end of the post.

There are lots of things to like about this particular ink. It's a cheerful blue color when you first lay it down, and it changes to another interesting blue color as it ages. I tried to catch this color transformation in time-lapse the other day (and you can see it in the video at the bottom of the review), but I don't have the patience to leave the video going for long enough to see a huge change. It does happen, though.

Another positive thing is the water-resistance that Salix has. It's an iron gall ink, so it's got instant water-resistance. Very helpful for those of you who are worried about your words being washed away. This stuff is permanent.

It's also going to behave well on crappy papers. No bleeding, feathering, or other nonsense. It even works on good paper (like this Rhodia)! Hooray for consistent behavior!

Speaking of behavior, it's an ink that I know will work even in pens that I think have problems. My VP isn't great, and I don't love it, but this ink makes it useable in a way that other inks haven't allowed.

Long story short, get this one. It's rad.

Written Review!


 Check out the difference between these two colors. That's the color-shift I was talking about. The Custom 74 bit was just written when I took the photos, and the VP section has been on the paper for a long while. Months, probably. Cool, right?

The photo below shows what little sheen this ink has. You're unlikely to see that on regular paper or from regular nibs.


This was written so long ago that I'd kinda forgotten about many of these inks. It's a walk down memory lane!

Copy Paper Test!

 It doesn't really get any better than this. Perfect performance.


A Requested Comparison!

 As I said, these two look a bit alike on the page. Aside from that passing resemblance, though, they ain't much alike. The chromatography shows the huge difference. So do the water tests and such. For me, Salix wins.

Video Review and Water Test!

So, go get a bottle (or a sample) of this ink. You're gonna like it, though, so pony up for the bottle.

I bought this. All endorsements and opinions are my own.
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