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Delta Brown


It's been a while since I reviewed a brown ink, and I'd forgotten how much I like them. There's just something about the earthy richness of a good brown ink that I really like to see on the page. This is a very good brown, and one that maybe unique in my collection. I think the closest might be Franklin-Christoph's Brown 732, but the Delta ink is darker, I believe.

Aside from the great color, this ink also flows really well in both a fine medium nib and a big broad nib. It also behaves really well on copy paper, with just a couple of little bleeds from the broad nib and no bleeding at all with the medium.

Written Review


This ink doesn't seem to want to stick to my letter opener. Thus, the small swatch. It happens sometimes. It's probably something about surface tension or something, but I'm no physicist.

Copy Paper Test

 This is some really solid performance from this ink. There is a touch of bleed in some places from the broad nib, but that's not a big surprise. I'm surprised that there is so little bleed.


These are 30ml containers, according to Anderson Pens. It's odd that neither the bottle or the box advertise that fact. They're the same bottles that Pelikan and Kaweco use, though

Ink Comparisons!

Browns are a difficult color to pin down, and I have plenty of brown inks, so I've given you lots of comparisons. 

Video Review and Water Test

So, it's a great brown. One of those colors that is a little hard to quantify. The performance on copy papers is great, and I don't really have anything bad to say about the ink (aside from the poor water-resistance). It appears that this ink goes for $15 at Anderson Pens, and that's a little expensive for a bottle this size. It's in line with the Kaweco inks that are in the same bottles (and a bit more than the Pelikan inks), though, so it seems about par for the course. Import fees, I'd imagine.
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Jan Scott said...

Got this and inked up a Pilot 74 with this at the weekend. Love it. It's such a rich colour and behaved well (so far). Many thanks. The Franklin inks are hard for me to get so this is a pure delight. Thanks (as always) for your ink reviews. Love them to bits.