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Blackstone Sydney Harbor Blue


I wrote and photographed this stuff about a week ago. Then I went on a surprise vacation to the Outer Banks with my cousins and their 6 kids. It was great. It turns out that some kids are great! (Also, my cousins are awesome.) (Additionally, I hardly got sunburned at all.)

Anyway, this is the second blue ink from the Blackstone collection. I think it's not quite as good as the Barrier Reef Blue that I reviewed before. BRB had better flow (though still a few hard starts). This one seems to be thicker, more saturated. That  gives you some nice sheen, but it can be irritating if you don't have a wet nib with a great cap-seal. Anyway, cool color but the flow could be better.

Written Review!


 Try out a Sig-nib if you get a chance. It's sort of in-between a stub and an italic. Jim does good nib-work.

Dry Time on Rhodia?

 Do you care about Dry Times? If so, then let me know in a comment. Otherwise they might disappear again.
Tomoe River

 Plenty of sheen on the right papers.

Copy Paper Test

 The performance was passable, but I think it bleeds a little too much for such a dry-writer.

Color Compare!


Gratuitous Sheen!

...cuz we always want to see more of that.

Water Test and Video Review!

Alrighty. Check this ink out at Anderson Pens in the USA (because they're awesome, they provided this ink sample for me, and because you can't get it anywhere else in the USA).  I would suggest a sample of this ink, but it's really low-priced so you might just go for a full bottle. I mean, $8.50 for a 30ml bottle is a low barrier to entry.
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Michelle in Colorado Springs said...

I care about dry times! I tend to write notes at work in a pocket notebook and a slow dry times is not a good thing.

Mike Matteson said...

Thanks, Michelle. I'll probably keep them for a while, then. Thanks for the comment!

Timbo said...

I love the color. Reminds me of Noodlers Navy.