Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

What we came home with:

Okay, yesterday I was showing pictures from the show. Today, I'll show what came home with us from the show. 

Rotrings? Yep! Two Esprit pens and a 600 Newton. I love these pens. I really wish they were still in production, but they aren't.

Oh! I also got a Rotring Core from the show, and I forgot to take a picture of it. Y'all know what those are like. It was a black/white one just like my first pen.

This one is a Caran d'Ache 849. It's a  really slick little ballpoint with the Goliath refill. I hear they last forever, and that's good because the refill costs about half of what the pen does.

This one is a review pen. Diplomat just released the Aero in this cool black finish, and Larry and Hillary gave it to me for review. You'll be seeing more of it soonish.

A Sheaffer "Dolphin Nose" 500. This one is a cartridge pen with a stub (maybe an italic, actually) from the factory. I've just inked it up, and it's a great writer. There's a little flex in the nib, too. 

A Sheaffer Balance Vacumatic 500. I got this from Gerry Berg, and I'm not sure how I feel about it yet.  It's really old (1930s, I think?) and it's had the nib straightened at some point, so there's a bit of a wave in the tip. It writes okay, but I might see if I can find a new nib for it at the DC show. There's a name inscribed in one of the sides, too, but I don't mind that. I am sure that it's restored perfectly. It filled almost entirely on the first go. The vac filling mechanism is excellent.

There are a couple of neat features on this pen that are neat. The vac knob on the end has some beautiful cathedral arches, and there are translucent panels on the sides of the pen that act like ink windows. I hadn't seen that in one of these pens before. You can see it as the dark areas on the side just under the engraving.

This is a Wahl-Eversharp Skyline Demonstrator that I won in the auction on Friday night. I got a great price on this pen, which has an unusual 18k nib. I was expecting a gold plated stainless steel nib because I thought it was one of the newer ones. It doesn't seem to have any flex, but it's older than I thought it would be. Syd (Mr. Wahl-Eversharp) says it's from around 1992, and that's before he took over the company.  I haven't gotten the nib working quite right (it's mega-dry), but it'll be great when I do.

This is the last pen I picked up. It's a Ryan Krusak pen, and we've always wanted to get some of his work. This pen model doesn't have a name yet, but it's beautiful. It's made from cocobolo wood, and that shape is super cool. Maybe not the best for carrying around in a pocket, but I'm not doing that anyway. This is going to be a pen that I use at my desk.

This little pen boot from Franklin-Christoph is sorta necessary for my Franklin-Christoph 45. I like the pen a lot, but it tends to jangle around in my pockets more than I like. This little $10 boot is the answer. 

The next two are just Audrey's pens. This first one is the Cat Rescue pen from Retro 51. She'll probably end up getting the Dog Rescue one, too. It glows in the dark, and part of the proceeds from the pen go to rescuing cats. That's cool, right?

 Aw...a paw print.

The next one is a Franklin-Christoph 66 in antique glass. It's one of the ones that has a waiting list a mile long, and it took a few months to get into her hands. It just happened to be ready around the time of the show, so she picked it up there so she could figure out what nib she wanted Jim to put on it. She went with one of Masuyama's needlepoint nibs. It's not the needle-y-ist needlepoint, but it is mega smooth, and a great writer. As an eyedropper pen, it's going to take her an age to get through all that ink.

I also found an "old" Franklin-Christoph 1901 pen from the early 2000s at a vendor's table. It has a really great gold stub on it, but I gave it to Scott to work on because it's got a wobble in the cap. He's got a plan to get it all worked out, so I'll show it off when it's done.
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