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Tekker #4e373d "Smokin' Hot"


 I've reviewed one of these Tekker inks before so, if you read that one, you'll have heard about the company already. The idea is that you go to their website, use the color picker (or enter a hex code), and they'll make an ink that matches that color. It's a really cool idea. It takes a little time, and you can't really be sure what your ink will be like before it arrives (a couple of weeks later), but all three of the inks that I got were excellent.

Smokin' Hot is patterened after a nail polish by Essie that my wife really liked. (She has a blog about nail polish. Check it out.) I wanted something in the grey-brown area, and this one looked cool, so I used a website to get the hex code for the color from a picture of the polish. It's not a perfect match, but I tried to pick the color that was closest to what I was looking for. Overall, I think they did a great job on this oddball color.

My experience with Tekker has left me really excited to see how this takes off. the concept is cool, the price is low ($14.95 for 100ml bottles), and the ink works really well. The most difficult part is picking the color that you want. Soooo many options.

Written Review


 I'm not really sure what color this is. It's a light-black / dark-grey with purpleish-red undertones. Either way, I really like this color.

Copy Paper Test

 There's some show-through (ghosting?) from the wet, broad nib on the L-Tech, but I think it did pretty well on this copy paper.

Color Comparisons


This is a cool chromatography strip, right? Lookit all them colors!

Video Review & Water Drop Test

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