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Ink Crate Video Review

Hi folks,
I've just gotten the first box of these inks from Ink Crate, and it's a pretty cool service if you're looking to replace the now-defunct Ink Drop.

5 samples. At least 2ml each. $10 shipped. Cool deal, right?

Check it out at and use code "INKDEPENDENCE" to get $2 off of your crate!

Here's the video review. Click on the "YouTube" icon to see it on my YouTube channel in big-o-vision.

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deadwoodluke said...

Thanks for the review Mike! Glad you liked it. Other people mentioned the sticker as well, it's something I wanted to do this month but thought of too late to order some. Looks like your box had some more damage than most, that's kind of disappointing. I'm the creator by the way, this is just my private google account.