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Papier Plume's Caramel


Renso at Papier Plume was kind enough to send me a few samples from their line of ink, and this is the first one I inked up. I really like brown inks, and this is certainly an interesting one. It's perfectly named, I think. It reminds me of those little square caramel candies.

I used this in a broad nib, and it seems to run a little wet and a little thin. In fact, it was thin enough that I was worried I wasn't going to like it at all. Fortunately, I kept using it. This seems to be one of those inks that darkens as it dries, and the darker version is preferable.

Check out the images below, and let me know what you think in the comments.

Written Review!

Close Ups!

I think the thin nature of this ink keeps it from drying quickly. Not good for lefties, I'd say.

Color Comparisons!

Maruman Mnemosyne Cards!
These are a couple of pictures taken in different lights. It gives the ink a different look, so I included both.

Some Tomoe River!
I love the shading in this sample. It almost gives the letters an outline.

Copy Paper Test (I'm all out of "!".)

One fault of this ink is that it's not performing all that well on on my mediocre copy paper. On that paper, it soaks in before it can darken so it looks sort of washed out and it has a tendency to feather and bleed. Keep it on good papers, I'd say.


This is a pretty cool one, right? Look at the separation in these color bands.

Video Review and Water Test

You can find these inks at Papier Plume online or in their store, and they come in three sizes from 15ml at $5 to 50ml at $12. Really reasonable prices, for some unique ink. Check out their line and find the ones that appeal to you. I'm a little bit on the fence with this one, but I'm using some other inks from this line that are right up my alley. More on those later!

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chrisrap52 said...

Great review. I really like this ink (from what I see). I also like browns & sepias. Shading looks great.

Franz D said...

Awesome ink review! I think I may be buying a bottle of this. Thanks!