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Papier Plume Peacock Blue


Another Papier Plume ink? Yep! This one is a charming turquoise blue that really reminds me of those fly-over shots you get of deep, tropical waters

The Written Review

And now for one in sunlight that is unreasonably bright! Yeah. That's way too bright.

Close Ups:
 I took these inside in indirect sunlight, and the color is accurate on all of my screens. You get a much different hue from the narrower, drier nib on the Loom. For me, the wetter nib is way better with this ink.

 Another unreasonably bright picture:

Tomoe River:

Copy Paper Test:

 It doesn't have the best performance on copy paper, and you lose the cool shading in the ink on the copy paper. Keep it on the good stuff.

 Yo, dog, I hear you like blue...

Lots of Blues:

 Blues in bright light:

Video Review and Water Test: water resistance.

If you're looking for this ink, head over to Papier Plume and get it in bottles from $5 to $12. Tell 'em I sent ya. It won't get us anything, but it's fun to say!

***This ink was provided free of charge in return for my honest review. That's what I do here. Honest reviews.***
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