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Chicago Pen Show Exclusives from Papier Plume!

Chicago Pen Show Hype Train!

I hear that there are going to be lots of inks being made just for the Chicago Show, and that's pretty cool. I hope I have time to hunt them down while I'm there!

These two bottles were sent out a couple of weeks back by Papier Plume for review, and I especially like the one on the right. Y'all know I can't turn down a rad green ink.

Check out the images below, scroll to the bottom for the video, and start making your shopping list!

A pair of cool bottles!

The Pens and Review

I had each of these in two pens, and it turns out I had them in some wide, wet nibs. I imagine they'd be a little different in smaller, drier nibs but you'll have to use your imagination.


These are cool colors. The Lake Michigan Summer is more greenish than you might expect, but perhaps there's a cyanobacteria bloom going on in that lake. Totally believable. The Ivy 108 is reminiscent of the ivy-covered wall at Wrigley Field, and it's a very lush green.

Copy Paper Test

You can see some feathering and some bleed in these writing samples on the Staples 20lb copy paper, but keep in mind that most of these nibs are wide and wet. The medium SIG on the Franklin-Christoph 20 is a much more "normal" width and flow, and that one had minimal issues even on this paper.

The Pen Habit Currently Inked journal:

Inkjournal's Tomoe River Edition

Video Review:

Water Test Results: 

It appears that I completely forgot to take "before" pictures of this page, so you're only getting the "after" images. I bet you can get the right idea from what you see below, though.

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