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Robert Oster's Tranquility


I haven't done many of these Oster inks yet, but there are lots of them in the pipeline for the summer. There are a zillion inks in the collection, so let me know if you've got one that you'd like to see. I have most of them in samples from Anderson Pens (that's where this one came from), and I'm trying to decide which ones to start with.

This is a good summer-y color. It reminds me of beaches, and maybe I'll see one of those this summer. There are several good colors like this in the collection, with subtle variations. I tell ya, Robert nails the turquoise color family.You can find these in bottles and samples at Anderson Pens.

If you're not familiar with Robert Oster and his inks, you should check them out. He burst onto the scene a year or so ago with a huge collection of inks. They're inspired by the wine country that he lives in in the Coonawarra district of South Australia and, judging from his inks, that must be a great part of the world.

Okay, enough chatter.

Written Review


Copy Paper Test

Pen Habit Currently Inked Journal

Ink Journal's Tomoe River Edition

Ink Comparisons

Okay, so I like this sort of color. I have several of them inked up right now, and there are some more coming.


Water Test and Video Review

I don't really have any complaints about this ink. Like the other Robert Oster inks I've used, it's really good. Performance is great, color is beautiful, just enough shading and sheen. No stains. Easy to clean out. What's not to like?

**This sample was provided free of charge by Anderson Pens. No guarantees are given, and no money changes hands. All you get is my honest review and a bunch of pictures.**
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Unknown said...

Well Done Mike!
This is a well liked color-
Gotta love Oster Inks!
74 colors total and counting!

Mike Matteson said...

Thanks, Federalist. He's up to 74 colors? That's insane.

LJD said...

I'd be especially interested in a review of Australian Opal Mauve!