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Montegrappa Game of Thrones


Hey folks! 

I've just reviewed one of the Montegrappa Game of Thrones pens, and I'd like to thank Kenro for loaning it to me for review. Check out the review below, and on YouTube. Videos are often better at showing off a pen, so I suggest checking that out if you're interesting in this one.

The Pen and Box

This is the pen for House Baratheon, and it was sort of my second choice. I'd hoped to get the Stark pen, but that one was apparently the victim of some sort of heist. Or white walker attack. Or the Greyjoys. Or something. Anyway, I didn't get it. In a way, I'm sort of glad. The colors on that one are very cool, but the clip is a little odd. This one, on the other hand, has the best clip in the bunch, and black and gold are a classic combination.

The box (which you'll see a good deal of in the video review) is a really nice presentation. The outside is covered in the sigils of houses from the Game of Thrones and the inside is what you're seeing here. Appropriately red, given the source material. Under the pen you'll find the little hollow space with a thick book of instructions. I bet it comes with cartridges, too, though there weren't any with my pen. Not a surprise in a loaner pen.


This pen has some really nice details. I like the patterns in the cap and on the barrel of the pen, though I wish the lines in the barrel would line up with the clip when the cap is on. It's a small thing, but it's the only bit of design that I don't like, here.

The cap band has Game of Thrones engraved on one side, and Montegrappa on the other.

The finial is probably my favorite part. They made it simple, elegant, and cool. I was curious to see if it worked as a wax seal, but I never tried it.

The square threads on the section are efficient and comfortable if you happen to put your fingers on them.

The section is a brushed gold-plate with a barely perceptible texture. It does keep the section from becoming slippery, anyway.

Size Comparisons

Here' the pen next to a bunch of others for scale. It's a pretty normal size, really.

Writing Samples

The street price will be a bit lower than this, likely. More like $300ish, I'd bet.

Other Designs

Not into the Baratheon pen? Check out these other three that are also available in the line.

Check out the video review on YouTube or watch it below:

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