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Robert Oster's Pygmy Hippo


This bright magenta is brought to you by Hippo Noto, and it's part of their newest Kickstarter project.  The original Hippo was an A5ish notebook with 500 pages of Tomoe River in various colors, rules, and a couple of different paper hues. The ink with that project was a Robert Oster in a unique hippo color that is sort of maroon/brown/purple.

The newest version is in full A5 or the smaller "Pygmy" A6 size with the option to add on a bottle of this Pygmy Purple ink. Check it out below, and let me know what you think of this one!

Written Review

You get a lot of character in this ink. It's not going to be one that everyone can use on a regular basis, but it's got a bright color, nice shading, and some mild sheen on the right papers. Pretty darn cool, if you're into the color. 

Close Ups

 I wouldn't have thought that the chromatography would be so monotone, actually. This color just sort of is what it is, I suppose.

20lb Copy Paper 

Not bad. Just a little bit of bleeding here. Should be expected from a paper like this. 

Wheat Straw Paper

It looks really good on this wheat paper, I think. Good shading, but no real sheen observed. 

Tomoe River Ink Journal

Color Comparisons

Andrinople is an ink that I hear people like, but it's way too dry for me. Pygmy Purple is pretty close to the hue, but it feels better on the nib.

Video Review

***This bottle of ink was sent out free of charge for my review, and your enjoyment. No assurances are ever given, aside from the promise of a truthful review. YMMV, etc.***
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