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Write Notepads Pocket Ledger


 I've been a fan of Write Notepads for a long while, and this new generation of notebooks and tablets is really good. I bought a couple different styles of notebook while I was at the Baltimore Pen Show, and it's about time I review them! I bought mine from Points Pens or Write Notepads, but I can't remember which. They were next to one another at the show, and I know I got paper from both of them. Anyway, it's the same price at each place, and both are good places to get things.

 Check out this 3x6" pocket ledger below.

 The Covers: 

The pocket ledger comes in three different covers. A 40 point board stock cover in black and pistachio, and this kraft cover with a 60 point board stock cover. This thing is quite stiff, and you'll have no issue writing on this pad while holding it in your hand. It's also made from 100% post-consumer waste. Environmentally responsible!

The double wire bindings are nice and stiff. I haven't had them get bent out of shape in the time I've been using it, and a double wire is always better than a single one. I never liked those single bound wire notebooks that I had to use when I was in grade school. The wires always bent and twisted and made it difficult to turn the pages. And those wire ends came loose and stabbed you. Man. This is so much better than that!

On the back you'll see the Write logo, the Born in Baltimore, and their social media handles. Follow them on your favorite social media and tell them I sent you. (Instagram and Twitter)

 The Inside:

 The paper in this notebook is 70lb paper, and it's quite good at handling all sorts of inks. Below you'll see Poor Man's Sapphire (a Strait's Pens ink), some other blue, and a really cool ink from Birmingham Pen Co that was in my friend's super wet and wide OMAS nib.

 The page below is the back of the previous page. I just used ballpoint on that page, but all that fountain pen ink was on the back of the page. You can just see some show through around the middle of the page ("made from cotton..."), but it didn't bleed through and neither did the rest of it. Pretty good start, I think.

So, let's test it with a bunch of different pens!

Everything worked perfectly. Ballpoints, gels, fountain pens, and pencils had zero issues. The addressing pen was less bleedy than I thought it would be. The Sharpie was predictably a little bit bleedy, but even that one didn't have much of an issue. 

Oh, and the ruling on the page is a light green and printed in vegetable-based inks. Environmentally responsible!

Video Review: 

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