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Hero Pens and Ink Samples

I've been on a bit of a roll, lately. I didn't buy a new ink or pen for a few years, and now I'm unstoppable. Last week I bought these two pens and 6 ink samples from isellpens. The two pens are both Hero pens that are supposed to be knockoffs of the Parker 51. The burgundy is a Hero 616, and the green and gold one is a Hero  330. They have hooded nibs and fill using a metal sleeve over a rubber sack. It's permanently attached, so you'll have to use bottled ink. (I don't know why you would want cartridges, but some people are into that.)

These pens are on the really cheap end of the spectrum ($3-6), but they're really good. I have a Wing Sung 101, but I couldn't find another, so I got these. They start every time you put nib to paper, and they aren't complicated. The only unpleasant part is rinsing them out. The rubber sack inside takes a little while to dry, so you can't switch inks very quickly.

I know the burgundy one writes really well in the Pilot Ku-Jaku ink at the bottom of that picture. (I'll write up a review of those inks soon.) The green one is filled with Noodler's Beaver ink, but my wife said "Oo! I want that one!" as soon as she saw it, and I haven't written more than eight words with it. She says that it's now one of her favorite pens. I don't doubt it.

Pick yourself up some while they're on sale.
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