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Pilot's Namiki Iroshizuku Tsuyu-Kusa UPDATED

I'm conflicted about this ink. I LOVE the color. I don't like the way that it behaves. It spreads more than any other ink that I've tried a lot. **The Spreading Award now goes to Sheaffer Skrip Brown.** I love the way it looks when it spreads out and you can really see the shading, but that same beautiful spreading makes the ink pretty useless for most papers and applications.

**UPDATE: I tried this ink out in a pen with a significantly finer nib, and I'm not nearly as impressed with its performance. It seemed washed out and not nearly as vibrant as it was in the Ahab. It still did a little spreading, but I lost most of the glorious shading. **

It's also really expensive at $35, though the bottles are big and super good-lookin'. I'm going to try this ink out in a really fine point pen to see if that eliminates the problem. I've seen this ink reviewed over at the Fountain Pen Network, and those reviewers don't seem to have the problem, so it might be that it just doesn't play nice with my Ahab Flex Pen. Check out these pics, and find the sample over at isellpens in the Pilot section.

7/13/2012 Update:
I really liked this ink when I first got it. It was a really good color in my Ahab, but it was too bleedy to be used on anything but awesome papers. I just got another sample of this ink from Goulet's July Ink Drop, and I decided to try it out in my TWSBI 700. That pen is a good deal drier than my Ahabs, and I thought it might look good from my new Knox nib. It does look nice, but it's much more run-of-the-mill. It's a nice blue, but it's not fancy or all that interesting. I wanted to like this ink, but it's either pretty and unusable or blah but usable. Oh well. My verdict: Not worth the price tag.

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