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Private Reserve's Blue Suede

Private Reserve's Blue Suede really looks like some blue suede shoes. It's a lush teal green/blue that gives your writing that hint of an odd color that you're looking for. It's an ink that I keep going back to even though I have several inks that I need to try out. Every time I see it in my ink drawer I reach for it. I have a growing collection of greens and blues, but this is still one of my favorites.

It shows 6 second drying time on this thick journal paper that I bought to use for my ink reviews, but I've never had a problem with it smearing on other papers. Even on that paper, it doesn't smear much at the 4 second mark. Check out the close up for more details. You'll also see a really nice shading in this ink. It's pretty obvious in the close up that the line shades from dark green to the regular blue suede that the ink is named for. I'm not sure what it looks like in a really fine nib, but I might try it in my Rotring Core's fine nib. I'm sure I've used it in that pen before, and I think it came out almost dark enough  be mistaken as a green-black. Another thing to notice is that there's not much nib-creep even on my creepy Lamy's nib.

If you right click on these images and open them in a new tab, you'll see that they're actually pretty big images that Google shrinks down a bit.

If you haven't tried this ink, and you're looking for a teal that you'll keep coming back to, this is one to snag.
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