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De Atramentis Forget-Me-Not

Forget-Me-Not is a really bright blue. I was surprised by the volume of this color. It looks fairly dark in the sample vial, but it is a bright and intense blue. It nearly shouts at you from the page, "BLUE!"

A knife-smear.

The flow is perhaps a little dry from my Lamy Al-Star, but that results in a nice even color with just a little bit of shading where the letters terminate. It doesn't skip, and you don't end up with a pool of ink at the bottom of each letter. It's a nice balance. There isn't much shading in this ink (unlike the Tsuyu-Kusa), but you also don't face shading, feathering, or bleed through. 

The only disappointment for me was the lack of a scent. I know this is supposed to be a scented ink, but my sample just didn't have any smell at all. Maybe my sample is a little old? I've seen a couple of other reviews that say that there is a scent, but that it is a faint one. In any case, that's a bit of a novelty and it's lack doesn't make the ink less colorful or effective. 

Yeah, I might have covered up a spelling mistake.
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