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Wrong Side of Dead Review

Wrong Side of DeadWrong Side of Dead by Kelly Meding

I got this in digital format as an arc from, and it's the first book that I've read from this author. I got the feeling that I was late to this party, but Meding does a pretty good job of keeping new readers abreast of the world's history. I'm not sure how annoying this would be to a reader who is already familiar with the series, though, since it seems like she was rehearsing bits of the previous story. I thought it was a pretty interesting story, but it did feel a bit like there were way too many different sorts of critter running around. Apparently the main character has died(?) a bunch of times, is basically a ninja, a dead-eye shooter, and and she can teleport. It doesn't feel earned. It felt very convenient, at some points, but it didn't make sense for a teleporting ninja to be trapped as she (apparently) was prior to the start of this story. It was a fast paced story, but I'm not sure why the relationships developed as they did. It seemed like an awful lot of the people who are currently working together were mortal enemies only a few days before the story picks up. I get that calamity shoves people together who were one enemies, but it's not all that believable that people would be actively hunting a person one day and trust them implicitly the next. If you want some fiction about a bunch of were-creatures (seriously, ferrets to hawks and bears), the occasional vampire, some quasi-ninja monster-hunters, and a mad scientist then perhaps this is the novel for you.

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