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Private Reserve Spearmint

It's been a long week in the teaching world. It's Finals Week, and I've been writing exams and grading them all week. That means lots of red pens, and I'll talk about a couple of them next week. Look forward to Noodlers Tienanmen and Widowmaker next week.

Aren't these nice splotches? 
Today's polish ink is a Private Reserve ink. When I first got into fountain pens a few years back, this was the only ink that I used. Their inks served as the foundation of my collection for years. They've changed their bottles since that time, it seems, and I don't much care for the new ones. They're just not as nice-looking.

Spearmint is a vibrant green that reminds me of that fancy green that you get on golf course grass. It doesn't really have any shading to speak of, but it is a nice consistent green that looks good even in a fine line like the one my Hero 616 lays down. It didn't feather or spread, and it only showed through on a really cheap pad of paper. The rest of the time it was well-behaved.

The flow on this one is pretty smooth. It's not a very thick ink, and that's a bit of a surprise since most of the PR inks that I have tend towards the thicker side. They'll coat the inside of the sample (vial or jar) and leave a residue there. Spearmint doesn't do that and, as a result, it was really easy to wash out of my pen.

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