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Family, Van Halen, and Sweet Persimmon

Howdy, Folks.
This last month has seen a cavalcade of family coming to our place. My father started it off when he stopped through on his drive to Alabama to see my grandmother. My wife's parents came to town to celebrate her birthday and we spent the weekend looking at houses. The first few are a lot of fun, but it wears you down eventually. We found a local builder that makes some nice houses to order, and they're very reasonably priced. I have a penchant for older houses that have some character, but a huge new house has its own appeal.

Then my brother- and sister-in-law came to town for the Van Halen concert. It was a pretty rad concert. Our seats were in the nose-bleed section and they didn't turn on the A/C in the Greensboro Colosseum for some reason, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. (You know you're at a good concert when someone pours a beer on your wife.) Good times! Eddie van Halen is a great guitarist, and they played hits instead of the stuff on their newest album (which I don't really care for). The only problem with Van Halen is the lead singer. I don't like David Lee Roth very much. He's a fine singer, but he dose some really weird quasi-kung-fu crap on stage and I kinda hate when he starts telling some stupid story in the middle of a song. Don't tell us how cool you are, man. Prove it by rocking out.

Then my Dad came back through on his way back to the frozen north. It's been a busy month. (And I've only just given one of my final exams. Hooray grading!)

Alrighty, let's talk about an ink that I've had for a while. Pilot's Iroshizuku (Sweet Persimmon) is a great color. It doesn't have much in the way of shading, but it's just so rich looking. It's a reddish orange that certainly catches the eye. I've used it in one of my Ahabs and in a much finer Hero pen, and it's fairly well-behaved. It will spread a bit when you use the generous flow from an Ahab, but not much from the really fine Hero. It retains that rich look from either nib, though. Fine nibs don't usually showcase the shading of an ink, but this ink doesn't shade much, so load it up in anything you want and enjoy that beautiful color.

One of the draw backs to this ink is that it does tend to show through papers. The quite thick paper that I use for these reviews can hold its own against this ink, but you can still see it a bit from the other side. If you're using something cheap like a drugstore writing tablet you can count on it making dots on the next page.

The other problem is its price. These inks go for between $28 and $35 per bottle. At 50ml, it's a decent size bottle, and they're beautiful bottles for display, but that price might keep some from buying it.

I think I got this sample from, but it's available in sample form from the Goulets and others. Go get some.

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