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Aurora Black

What's this? Another black in on Inkdependence? I know. I don't usually use black inks. I've even called them boring. If you look back through the reviews, you'll see that there are several blue/blacks and very few blacks. Maybe only one or two up to this point, and one was the previous post about Diplomat's black. Whelp, I've got a few more in the pipe for this week.

Aurora's Black was another DC pen show pickup. When I had my Parker 51 tuned up, Ron Zorn suggested that I use Aurora in it, so I got a bottle without trying it out. It's a pretty solid black in. It's velvety and deep. Even the blade-smear is a deep black. It's kind of unrelenting. If you're looking for a real black, then this should probably be on your list.

The only real problem with it is that it runs a little too wet. It is really good in a pen that writes a bit dry, as they seem to balance each other out, but if your pen is kinda wet (as my P51 is) then you'll find that it spreads and bleeds a bit too much. It's a matter of finding the right match. I have it in I dry-writing Mont Blanc fake, and it performs really well.

Aurora Black is not waterproof. It'll stick around on the page pretty well, but it will smear.

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Bana Sıkça Yaz said...

I don't use black inks either. But I had a bottle of Aurora Black in case of emergency :)

It is always on the first page of the Goulet Pens "Shop all bottled ink" section when you list them by favorites.