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Private Reserve Invincible Black

Before my brief hiatus, I had started a run of black ink reviews, and Invincible Black is the next in that run.

The wife and I picked up a couple of little pots of this ink at the DC pen show. They were free, so I bet everyone got at least one. It's kind of an adorable little bottle full of some really dark black ink. I generally like PR inks. They're generally heavily saturated inks that have good lubrication. This one certainly has those qualities. It's the darkest black that I have, and it doesn't have any problem with lubrication. It does tend to be a little quick to dry on the nib, but it flows well after that. 

The problem that Invincible Black has is in behavior. This ink isn't very well-behaved, even on Rhodia. It spreads and bleeds on most papers, and it's the only ink that I have which has bled through Rhodia when I smeared it on the page. If you're going to use this ink, I'd suggest that you use it in something with a drier flow.

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