Do you have an ink dependence? I can help...

Of fish and houses.

Hi folks,
I didn't post in the last week, and that's mostly because things are busy at the end of an academic's semester. So, here's what I've been doing the last week:

1. Working on some university politics to improve faculty equality in the faculty senate. Hooray politics!

2. Getting pre-approved for a home loan so we can put in offers on houses. We have an offer in on a nice house, and now it's a matter of waiting. Hooray potential home-ownership!

3. Getting a pair of new betta fish. One of ours died, and we couldn't decide between a couple of replacement fish, so we now have two new fish and one new tank. Hooray fish! (Pictures of Barry and Larry at the end of the post.)

4. Playing the new Call of Duty game. It's pretty darn good.

So, I'll have new posts later this week. I've got lots of inks in the pipeline, and I just need to take a bunch of pictures sometime when it is daylight outside. I find that the most difficult part of blogging is the picture-taking and uploading. Time consuming work, that.


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Jessica said...

As someone who isn't into inks, I love the posts about everything else. :)