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Diplomat Black (Cartridge)

I don't use a lot of cartridges. Like many FP users, I've got a bias against them. I don't really know why, but I saw them as restrictive and kinda lame.

My wife picked up one of the Diplomat Traveler FPs at the DC show (at a really good price) and they threw in a converter and a box of cartridges for free. Those Diplomat reps are nice folk. Visit with them if you see them at a show. (I'm talking Audrey into writing a review of the pen for the site, since it's really her pen.)

This is a really good black ink. It's not waterproof, but it's got great characteristics. It flows smoothly, and rarely ghosts through cheap papers. It doesn't spread, and that's been a problem with some of the blacks that I've used. It's not the fanciest thing around, but it's darn good.

The cartridges are the standard short international carts, and the ink (I've just found out) is also available in bottles. Good news for those of us who still harbor an anti-cartridge sentiment.

Pre-water test.

Here's the water test video. It's not really waterproof, and that's kind of a downer for a black ink, I think, but  I still recommend it if you're not hung up on waterproofness.

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