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Rohrer & Klingner Morinda UPDATE: Video!

It's grading time, and that makes me think about red inks. Some of the red inks that I've tried out have been kinda bloody-looking. Oxblood, Matador (that I'm using right now in my Rotring 600) and a few others make it look like I've opened a vein on my student's papers. Not Morinda.

Morinda is a whimsical red. It looks kinda like dried katsup. (Google Chrome just tried to make me spell katsup with a "c". I didn't give in. IdowhatIwant.) It's a weird color, but that's what makes it unique. I've got a fondness for unique colors, and this one is pretty awesome. There are some inks that are unique, but ugly (Rome Burning) or unique, but misbehaved (Rome Burning). This one is unique, but totally usable.

I've not used any R&K inks before, so some of you might be well ahead of me, but I really liked this one. It behaved really well in my Lamy Nexx with a fine nib, and the color is weird and different.

Here's the video water test. I used my iPad for this, and it's much less shaky.

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