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March 2013 Ink Drop

Alright, y'all. Here comes the March Ink Drop. It's called "Fade to Black," and they're mostly blacks with a couple of greys mixed in. It's pretty cool to get an ink drop that doesn't include a single ink that I already have. Bravo, Goulets. Bravo. 

I've heard that black inks are the most popular inks among fountain pen folks (according to sales, anyway), but I just don't get it. They're the utility inks that probably everyone has, but they don't really satisfy me aesthetically. That said, I'm really glad to have a few in my collection. My wife likes blacks and off-blacks, so I'll probably fill her pens full of these inks for her when she runs dry on whatever she's using right now. 

Here are the close-up shots.

I have these two in pens right now (as you can see if you look at the "Currently Inked" page of the blog), and they look a lot alike. I think it might be due to the slightly dry line of my TWSBI 540 which makes the Graphite look more grey than it would otherwise. 

Lamy Black is a pretty solid looking black. It's dark, and it bled through the paper the least of any of these. Monteverde Black is more like Noodler's Dark Matter. They've both got a slightly off-black tint. 

Namiki Black looks a little green in the picture, but it doesn't have that cast in real life. It's a lighter black, but a different sort of light black than the Monteverde. I'll have to try and do a better job of capturing that when I do the actual reviews of those inks.

In other news, I've had a full cup of mostly non-fountain pens on my desk for a few months. I've been meaning to write reviews of them for Inkdependence because that's my excuse for buying them. Well, I've finally done a few of those. I'll be posting them up in the next week, and I've done some catching up on my ink reviews as well. So: Lots of stuff coming up in the near future!

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