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Pentel Oh!Gel 0.7

This is the second of the Pentel gel pens that I have to show right now, and it's the better of the two. The styling is a bit more plain, and the whole pen is one uniform diameter and it is a bit longer than most of the other pens I have lying around. It's the same length as a retractable EnerGel. The pocket clip is longer than average, and made of a stiff and sturdy-feeling plastic. The click on this pen is stiff and positive. Overall, it's sturdy, not unattractive, and functional. There aren't any weird protuberances like on the HyperG, and the grip is tacky and grooved.  

The only down side is that the ink seems to take a little longer to dry than the ink in the HyperG. It's a KFR7 refill instead of the KLR7 that the HyperG uses, so perhaps the KFR is a darker, but slower-drying ink. I'll take the darker ink over the lighter, but left-handed folk are bound to want it the other way around. 

This is the end of the non-fountain pens for now, though they'll be making a come-back in the near future as I've just gotten a handful of singles from the local pen shop this weekend. 

Also: I'll be posting a give-away in the near future, so watch out for that. (I just have to decide what I'll be giving away.)
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