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Uniball Signo BOLD (1.0)

I'm sure that everyone has seen and used a Uniball Signo 207. They've been around for several years, and they're really good pens. I've used them in their regular (.7) and Micro (.5?) versions, and both are quite good. This one is much thicker than the other two, and much thicker than the other 1.0 pens that I've used in the past. It's boss.

The differences between the regular and bold versions of the Signo 207 are confined to the width of the line. The pen is smooth and slightly wet, but it dries very quickly. The body of the pen is identical with the other Signo 207 pens, aside from the "BOLD" label. If you liked them, then you'll like this one.

They're gel pens, and they're marketed as being fraud-resistant which keep your checks from being forged. I can't attest that they aren't removable, but It's been my experience that gel inks and ballpoint inks are more difficult to remove than regular liquid inks. I don't usually do a drip-test on these sorts of inks, but I've done one just for fun. 

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max said...

That bold looks great ...the blue is a little light in shade but the face that ink is water resistant etc is a real plus. I had to stop
using the Parker blue gels because the Parker blue, while dark and lovely, is a will disappear with a single drop of water.

Mike Matteson said...

I think I have a parker blue gel refill in something around here. I'll have to find it and see how it holds up to water. I really didn't know that they weren't water-resistant.