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A lull in the action.

Hey folks,
It's been quiet on Inkdependence for the last week or so. I spent most of the weekend following my last post with a pretty bad toothache, had a wisdom tooth pulled, did some recovering, and then started the hectic dash to get my syllabi and classes in order just before class started at my university. This week is the first week back in class, and I'll have a little breather at the end of the week. Expect new content in the very near future.
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GourmetPens said...

I was wondering where those ink reviews were :) Hope you feel better soon.. hate having teeth pulled, especially big ones like wisdom teeth!

Paul Hurley said...
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Paul Hurley said...

Hope you are fully recovered from the wisdom tooth experience and that you have a successful scholastic year ahead.
Do not stress too much about the lack of posts, your reviews are always well worth the wait.

Mike Matteson said...

Hey Azizah,
Getting the teeth out was easy. The doc who did it was super-good. I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't have really difficult wisdom teeth. It was the toothache that was so brutal.

Mike Matteson said...

Thanks, Paul. I appreciate the support and the comment!