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A Survey of Browns

So, I've just noticed that I have been using mostly brown inks. I'm not sure why I'm on this streak, but I totally am. This isn't an ink review, and a couple of these aren't even fountain pen inks, but you're going to see examples of several different browns in this post.

Here's the whole set of pens and inks. Most of them are fountain pens, but the last two are a pair of Uniball pens that I've been using a lot. 

From left to right: Monteverde Artista Crystal, TWSBI 700, TWSBI 540, Sheaffer VFM, a nameless Colibri fountain pen, and the Uniball Jetstream and Signo from the BL

This one looks black in this nib, but if you write quickly it will show a lighter brown shade.

I don't really know what color this is, but I decided to include it in the brown inks. It's really sort of like a grey-brown, I think. I'm surprised how much I like it. 

Terra de Feu is a red-brown, but it belongs in this post for sure. 

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