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Ultramarine Sheaffer Intensity Fountain Pen

This is a pen that we have been thinking of getting for over a year. They're regularly-priced at the high-end of our price-range. Audrey has been admiring this pen in it's cornflower blue form, but the price on this one was too good to pass up, so we got it in Ultramarine. I wish we'd bought two of them. Fortunately, Audrey let me use this one for a while so that I could write up a review of it. 

The Look

Sheaffer Intensity
 These pens come in several different color patterns, but most of them have these chrome-plate stripes. This ultramarine is a really nice dark blue. It's a nice finish on both the blue and the chrome, though it does tend to pick up fingerprints.
Sheaffer Intensity
 The section is quite a lot narrower than body, and it's plated all in chrome. The cap will post securely on the body, but it makes the pen back-heavy, and that causes the section to slip out of your fingers a little more than I'd prefer. Ordinarily, the grip isn't very slippery. There may be a very slight concavity to the section, but I might be imagining it. The chrome is so reflective and shiny that it is very difficult to see clearly. The step between the body and section doesn't bother me due to the length of the section, so I don't think the threads are an issue.
Sheaffer Intensity
 The cap has that iconic white Sheaffer dot. You shouldn't have any issue with the clip. It's stiff but springy. I've not seen any issues with jagged edges on the clip, either.
Sheaffer Intensity

The Stats

Capped length: 5 3/8"
Uncapped length: 4 3/4"
Posted length: 6 1/2"
Nib: Steel. 
Filling Mechanism: cartridge or converter
Cost: $90

Sheaffer Intensity

Sheaffer Intensity
 This pen is solid. This is even reflected in the threads on the section. They engage with the cap with a fairly brief twist, and the connection is solid. It's actually really satisfying to screw on the cap. The brief twist that is required is short enough that it's not bothersome if you're a serial un-capper.
Sheaffer Intensity
 The Intensity is almost exactly the same length as the Lamy Al-Star that I've used for comparison in these photos. The Intensity is a bit narrower, and quite a bit heavier than the Lamy.
Sheaffer Intensity

The Nib

The nib is my favorite thing about this pen. It's small and unadorned, but the simple nib is pretty appealing. It also writes really well. The medium nib is actually fairly fine. It starts up immediately every time, and it doesn't skip at all. It's one of the smoothest nibs I've used, and the feed is perfectly able to keep up with the nib. 

Sheaffer Intensity

The Final Word

As I said above, I really like this pen. It's classy, and it writes super well. It is going to be heavy for some people, but it's well-balanced when it's uncapped. On the other hand, it's fairly pricey at $90 so you're probably going to want to find one in the wild before you drop the cash on one. It's high-end for sure. Probably one of the better pens in that price-range.

Sheaffer Intensity

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