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Noodler's Luxury Blue


This is an ink that I was really expecting to like. It's a relatively expensive ink. At $13.50 for a 1oz bottle, it's a little over three times as expensive as most of the other Noodler's inks. I didn't get a bottle, though. As with most of the inks I review, I only have a sample of this ink. 

There are lots of good blue inks by Noodler's, and this one has the word "luxury" right there in the name. I remember that Brian Goulet had said (back when Liberty's Elysium was coming out) that the only blue ink that was more waterproof was Luxury Blue, and I'd wanted to check that out ever since. In the end, though, its performance was just kind of average. 

As I say above, the saturation wasn't as strong as I was expecting and it was a little dry for my tastes. If you have a really wet nib, this might work out much better for you. At the very top of this post you can see that the ink skipped a bit when I was drawing the swooshy underline. Sometimes I'll correct that sort of thing a little bit, but it was pretty common with this ink, so I left it unaltered. You can also see a few other skips in the text, if you're looking for them. The nib I have on my TWSBI isn't the standard one, and this Knox nib is decently wet, so I have to say that the trouble is with the ink. 

One good thing about this ink is that it doesn't really bleed or feather on most papers. I saw some occasional mild bleeding on office copy papers, but that's about it. Most everything else could handle it just fine. That might be due to the anemic flow, but I'll chalk it up as an advantage anyway. The other is that it's one of the Eternal inks from Noodler's. They're supposed to resist all sorts of things including chemicals and light. (Here's a link to a post where a guy tries all sorts of things to remove different inks, and Luxury Blue sticks around. He doesn't include pictures, but it's still a good post.)

It's an interesting blue. I think it's somewhere in between the darker blue of Liberty's Elysium and the lighter (almost denim) of Upper Ganges Blue. There's that hint of duskiness to the color that adds some interest, but it could really use something more, in my opinion.

Water-Test Video:
Nothing super-surprising in this video. Still, I made it, and you should watch it if you like videos that star inks. 
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